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What to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Car

Just like any element of wedding planning, making a start on your transport arrangements can be overwhelming. With so many options bidding for your attention, finding on that suits your needs and looks great on the big day can be a minefield. It’s not just about finding a car but finding a company who listens to and understands your unique requirements. As VW wedding car hire specialists in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, we’ve got our expert advice to help ease the process along.

Decide on Timings

Decide the exact times that you require your transport for. If you are having a church service followed by the reception elsewhere, then you’ll need to know exactly what time you will need to arrive at each venue. Deciding early on, on the number of trips required will make the booking process much easier so your provider can be punctual, ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day. Even if you’re not in need of actual transportation between venues and are looking for wedding car hire purely for photo opportunities, know what time you plan to shoot and relay this to the hire team.

Theme It

Ensure you choose a wedding car that suits the theme of your big day. Classic cars such as our VW wedding cars for hire are popular choices because they suit all types of wedding. If you’ve got a less well-known theme and want to style your chosen vehicle in line with it, then let your hire car providers know as many are happy to dress the cars and supply the necessary accessories.  VW Occasions are able to supply ribbons and hood dressings to both our VW campervan and our VW Beetle.

Look Locally

Firms local to your area are best placed to provide you with a personable and reliable service. At VW Occasions our VW wedding car hire drivers know the areas of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire well, including wedding venues and so can transport you with ease.

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