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Styling Wedding Cars to Fit Your Theme

Our VW wedding cars in Cheshire are adaptable, versatile and can slot into just about any theme, making them an obvious choice for many soon-to-be-married couples. Just like fashion, wedding themes come in and out of style every year and as trends come and go, VW cars stay at the top of the wedding car hire market and in demand. If you are considering a VW wedding car and aren’t decide on whether or not it’s the right fit for your day, we’ve taken an in-depth look at some of the most common themes so you can see just how effortlessly our VW wedding cars in Cheshire can slot in.


Rustic, or country style weddings tend to pay homage to things found in nature and utilise subtle, neutral colour pallets. With many brides incorporating twine, wood and foliage into their rustic wedding day, these things can be adorned over either of our VW wedding cars in Cheshire to help them become part of the décor as well as the transportation. Both our Beetle and our Campervan are styled in neutral off-white colours akin to soft lambswool or even the clouds, making them as at one with nature as the theme.


Making use of the eras gone by vintage weddings can be broad in spectrum with brides and groom choosing a specific era or just an overarching time-gone-by décor style. Regardless of which decade is chosen, our VW wedding cars in Cheshire are the perfect fit -after all they are both relics from a bygone era! Wilma, our campervan was born in 1959 and has that classic swinging 60’s looks these vans are synonymous with, while our Beetle, Fred was born ten years later in 1969 and embodies everything about the small cars coming into fashion in the 70’s.


One thing is for sure, although VW cars are common on the road, classic vehicles like Beetles and Campervans are rarely observed. That’s exactly why our VW wedding cars in Cheshire fit the bill of any wedding with a ‘quirky’ theme. If you’re looking for a vehicle that raises eyebrows and stands out from the crowd, then Fred and Wilma are a sure-fire conversation starter.


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